Friday, January 02, 2009

i was in a time warp, i guess.

Well, it's been forever since I have blogged here. Don't know what happened.

...Well, actually, I do know what happened.

Life happened.

Things got pretty trying for a while. I got pregnant with my third child, and while that was a truly happy and awesome thing, it left me in bed the first three months, sick as a dog. That wasn't fun. I had no energy to do anything really, least of all blog. I didn't even get on my computer most days. That's when I knew I was in trouble, because I'm on my computer every day. But the Spring/Summer of '07 pretty much put me back in the dark ages technology-wise.

Once the summer was over, we found ourselves trying to prepare for a baby and starting a new school year and my husband found himself laid off. For the second time that year. So we went two months I think it was with no job for him. Not fun. We ended up having to move out of our apartment and in with some friends temporarily in the midst of some serious uncertainty of what we were going to do. Things were already tight since the first layoff, but with the second layoff and going to one income indefinitely, things were nearly impossible. Living on one income was not as difficult during the summer, because the kids and I could just stay at home most of the time. And with me feeling uber-sickly with the pregnancy that whole time, that's just what we did. But the fall brings Master's Academy and I was teaching there. I needed to keep teaching so that we would at least have that income coming in. But with that income comes other expenses, and so on...

Sigh. Soooo, at the end of October we caught a break. A pretty big break, it turns out. My husband landed a job, but it was in Houston. He would be there for a week and a half. Then he would be flying home and heading to Nashville a couple of days later for another job. We did not go with him to Houston, because of school. But man was it hard. That was only the third time my husband and I had been apart. The other two times were two days each (too long). Needless to say, we had a tough time getting through those ten days. Me being six or seven months pregnant and going through a serious nesting phase but not having found a new place to live yet left me pretty emotional anyway, so being without my husband while trying to take care of my two boys left me a wreck most of those days. When my husband landed at the airport and we picked him up, we all cried.

Then after two days, he was off to Nashville. The bad thing about it was that we were having to be apart again, as this new project would go until just before Christmas. So I would have to hunt for a place to live by myself. The good thing about it was it was only a three hour drive, so I went up there every week and stayed from Wednesday to Sunday. It was awesome. We ended up falling in love with Nashville, and we had a pretty nice set up up there while he was working. We actually had some pretty neat times up there, and I came away from it with precious memories.

We moved into our new apartment the day before Christmas Eve, so we didn't do a tree and all of that. But at least we had our own place again. Then a month later baby girl came, and it was all joy. But between the new baby and work and attempting (and I emphasize the word ATTEMPTING) to get the house together, among other unexpected circumstances (don't those always come up?), blogging took a back seat. Quite a few times I figured I would just post a blog here and there on MySpace or Facebook and be done. And yet, here I am. So maybe I will get to a semblance of a blogging schedule again.

Even if I don't, I do like having this online journal. I think it's cool. And maybe every now and then, if not more often, I will remember to post some cool thing that happened or something random that one of my kids said or some deep thought I had all of a sudden. We'll see.