Friday, May 28, 2010

day 259: clock fail.

My son is super-creative.

He is an artist who draws and paints, and has painted many watercolors and acrylics on canvas and drawn his own comic strips. He likes to write stories. He also plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, and has started fiddling around on the piano. He likes techno music (among other genres), and likes creating mashups and remixes of his favorite songs and posting them online. He also likes editing pictures!

I wonder where he got all of this creativity from??

He goes by the name of DJ Cue, and he, along with some friends of his, have come up with an awesome way to hang out during the summer. They have put together their own production outfit, called Natural Outburst Productions, of which DJ Cue is the producer.

They are doing a series of videos that will be parodies of popular TV shows. DJ Cue (my son Bobby) is directing and producing the videos (writing scripts, producing the opening montages, producing the teaser trailers, designing all the logos, filming, directing, and editing the videos, providing soundtracks) and his friends are doing all of the acting, writing some scripts, and contributing to the group's blog. All of the episodes will be posted on the group's YouTube channel.

My son's thirteen, and waaaay more ambitious than I was at his age. And I thought I was ambitious.

Anywho, one of the shows is a parody of '24.' It's called, '48.'

He is using Rosebud Photography (that's me) for the images for logos and the opening montages. I've been trying to get a decent photo of a digital clock 48. I've been failing. All I got here was 8.

Digital Field Guide: watched a video on photography tips.

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