Tuesday, January 09, 2007

nostalgia tuesday.

To begin this year, I think I am going to do something new with the Nostalgia Tuesday posts. Since I am a musician, and there seems to be some sort of song running through my head most of any given day, why not share some of my favorite songs?

Several weeks ago, hubby and I were watching one of those Time-Life infomercials and they were selling a CD collection of "soft rock from the 70s and 80s." You know, like Air Supply and Christopher Cross and stuff like that. Well, I was a little kid back then, and I remembered most of that music. Especially the eighties stuff, since I was really small in the seventies (I was born in '73). I remembered the songs that I liked from the seventies but I never knew the titles of the songs or who sang them. With the eighties I knew all the stats. It was a neat trip down memory lane. It's so cool how a song can be a peg that a really good memory from one's childhood is hung upon.

So, here are a few pegs. Look these up on iTunes or Rhapsody or Pandora and be transported to a simpler time and place...at least it was simpler for me...

Killing Me Softly With His Song--Roberta Flack (1973)
My Love--Paul McCartney and Wings (1973)
Rocky Mountain High--John Denver (1973)

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