Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, after much time away, I am posting here again. Since my last post in January, my family and I have had the opportunity to fall in love with two more cities through my husband's work: Charlotte and Chicago. We spent four months in Charlotte, finishing up in March. Then about a month ago we were in Chicago for a week and a half. That was by no means enough time. I hadn't been to Chicago since I was maybe twelve years old, and even then it was to the South Side to visit relatives. Beloved memories, those are. But I had never seen the CITY. Never saw Lake Michigan. Or the skyscrapers. Or the Chicago river. Nothing like that. 

So we spent our amazing ten days in the HEART of the city. It was too awesome for words. I still have loads of pictures on my D40 that I have yet to download. Although my husband was working, it was still like a vacation for all of us. I am so glad we had the chance to go. About a month prior to our trip, my husband had to travel out to San Jose, California for a week and we could not go with him. I was so bummed. This trip totally made up for it.

So now, here we are, chilling at home, waiting for his next assignment. I'm in my third week of preschooling my three year-old (with my eighteen month-old joining in!), and it's the second week of school for my seventh-grader. We're one week away from being completely back in the swing of things schedule-wise, and the dog days of Summer are winding down. It's almost time for my favorite time of year: Autumn!

I've become quite the shutterbug since I got my D40 in December. That was one of the best birthday presents I've ever had! I'm still trying to organize my photos from the summer, but I plan to post here a lot more often about the things that have been inspiring me lately. That means I'll have photos to share as well!

Now it's time to fire up the grill and get dinner started.

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