Thursday, October 28, 2010

i've been tagged!

This is a first for me. My sweet friend Candra "shamelessly" asked me to participate in a little blog carnival she is having. I think the premise is great. It's called "Thankful Thursdays Top Ten." Lots of T's. I like that. And I am ever-so-happy to participate. Because, well, one always has ten things to be thankful for on Thursdays.

natty's thankful thursday top ten.

number one.
Oh hai, shrimp and grits. With all of your creaminess and cheesy gooey garlicky lemony shrimpy goodness. How yummy to see you.

number two.
Finally getting a device for storing my entire photo library. Like I didn't really need it A YEAR ago.

number three.
Listening to my kidlets humming Mozart and Beethoven tunes. That mess never gets old.

number four.
Face time with my sweet husby-wusby. One reason that my iPhone is off the chain.

number five.
Stella McCartney perfume.

number six.
Ahhh. The signs of autumn. Everywhere. 

number seven.
Getting from Point A to Point B safely. Seriously. Especially when there are hundreds of miles separating Points A and B, and when my car is making odd noises every now and then, and we are packed in like sardines. In oil. Not water.

number eight.
Having highlights of fun times to share very soon with you, my tens of readers.

number nine.
(Read: My son.)
He always makes me smile. And I'm thankful for the continued ability to make him smile.

number ten.
Famous family quotes. Also known as little nuggets of wisdom from my children.
Natalie: "I can't want that [raspberry lemonade]. It's too awful."
Ian: "Bobby's a genius."
Bobby (to his mother): "Let me just say, you have really good taste in music."

(All photos taken with my iPhone. I'm pretty grateful for iPhoneography too. Another reason my iPhone is off the chain.)


Candra Georgi said...

love me some iPhone!

thanks for doing this, i hope you'll stop by every thursday, it's so fun to see all the cool things that happen to people during the week, or the cool things that didn't happen, but we're able to be thankful anyways.

i love bobby's glasses, they are so rad for pictures. i think you need a post with each of y'all wearing them. with serious faces too. lol.

L. Eleana Johnson said...

Natalyn, your Iphone pics are off the chain. I've been using a BB for years, but am seriously contemplating switching when Iphone hits Verizon next year. Ok, back to the crockpot, that looks so good. I'm a big fan of shrimp and grits, even the baby seems to love grits. So you already know that' on my list of foods to cook.

Have a great weekend!

millie said...

Your son just made me smile, too; What a cutie!
Thank you for reminding me to be thankful today.
I think you just sold me on an iphone...
i am following you now...

Anonymous said...

Love the autumn pic. The red is so vibrant. It's great to remind ourselves of things we are thankful for.

Lala's Pequenos said...

Wow- I got stuck on #1. Beautiful pics!

allytalks said...

I love this Thankful Thursdays! What a great idea that we should all adopt. For Thanksgiving this year I am going to do a "blessing bucket". Want the family to fill it with things that we are thankful for and our blessings.

Jersey Diva Mom said...

Great topic. I have to tell you that the line "tens of readers" gave me a big chuckle. It's quality over quantity for many of us, right? : )

Ahava & Amara Life Foundation said...

It's so important to be able to give thanks and pass that on to our children. In the mornings we give thanks for waking up, at mealtimes we give thanks for our food and when we are coming in from somewhere we give thanks for coming in safe and sound etc. Your iphone takes great pics! ;0)

Unplanned Cooking said...

Love your pics - and that food looks great! I need to start making seafood more often. I love it, just find it hard to get it right :).