Sunday, March 18, 2007

don't get shipwrecked: part one.

Several weeks ago, the Associate Pastor at my church taught a good lesson on things that shipwreck one's faith. When our faith gets shipwrecked, our destiny can be aborted. We can be stuck in a place of inaction for years and not even realize it. I've been going over the notes of what he said quite often. We get lots of good lessons at church. The wonderful thing is each message points us toward Jesus (so many sermons today don't actually do that) and motivate us to seek first his kingdom and righteousness. I'm amazed at how easy that has become, probably because I don't do some of these shipwrecking things anymore...

  1. Blameshift. Just as Adam did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Many of us are afraid of failure. We can also be ashamed of failure. What we, ironically, often FAIL to realize or remember is that failure in life is inevitable. Not everyone rides smoothly on the bike the first time out, or displays impeccable penmanship at the first attempt at cursive. There is nothing wrong with failure; it is what compels us to KEEP TRYING. As long as we don't QUIT, we can succeed. Failure is a great teacher; it is an opportunity to repent and embrace responsibility. All authority comes from embracing responsibility. Authority never comes from side-stepping responsibility.
  2. Shoot the messenger. Who hasn't done this, and often? God corrects his people in a myriad of ways, and one of the ways he brings correction is through people. We tend, however, to miss the opportunity to embrace the truth and grow because we don't like the package the truth was wrapped in. We don't like someone's "tone," we think they have a lot of "nerve" because of where we think they are in their walk, or we simply don't like them. None of that has to do with the message itself. Instead of accepting the truth of what is said to us, we throw it out, and shoot the messenger. A sign of maturity is when we can embrace the truth, no matter what the package is from which it comes.
  3. Live every day on an open-door policy. Many Christians live in such a way that their lives and destinies are dictated by circumstances. That is a dangerous, highly unwise way to live. Being led by the Spirit is essential to stay in the will of God and have peace. Being led by the Spirit is NOT being led by circumstances, feelings, or situations.
Well said, Ryan.

I'll post more on this tomorrow.

"Between the promise and the Promised Land is a desert that is the exact opposite of what the Lord has called you to."--R. Joyner

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