Saturday, March 05, 2011

in like a lion. and needing the courage of a lioness.

It rained all day today. I took a few pictures with my iPhone in the evening, but the only time I took Niki out of her cozy home was when I went out for a very early dinner with my husband and kidlets. My oldest was in an all-day rehearsal for a play in which he is the lead, and we had a few hours to kill until he was finished. It was a lazy Saturday.

I did not cook a crock pot meal on Wednesday, because I was running way behind schedule that morning. We ended up getting take-out that night. I have no idea yet what I will be cooking this coming Wednesday, so I am up for suggestions.

This has been a difficult week. Some events have transpired that have left me feeling completely drained. I really do not feel like writing about it at the moment, but I have worked overtime this week to remember where my help and strength are found. Without keeping my thoughts fixed on the Lord, the feelings of helplessness are overwhelming.

I probably will eventually write about what I am feeling, when I think I can put it into words. I can't right now. But even though this is now a blog that I know people are reading, it is still a personal journal and I do want to write my thoughts down here. Once I can collect them.

Have you ever had those days (or weeks) where you wanted each day to pass by super-slowly, because you didn't want the next day to come?

It's been one of those weeks.

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