Tuesday, August 29, 2006

kingdom as usual.

We had Bob Jones come to our church Sunday. He had just finished a weekend conference with Kathie Walters down by the Atlanta airport, and stopped at our church on the way back home. We consider him a spiritual father to our church, and he and my pastor’s family are very close. What a blessing he was. I cannot remember everything he said, as it was a great deal of information, and it was pretty meaty. I’ll be getting the CD recording of the service on Wednesday. A couple of things I can remember off the top of my head are as follows:

The Lord is calling us to spend more time laying at His feet. As we lay at His feet, He will go before us and bring us victory in our trying circumstances. (That was a great encouragement, as we are going through a trying time right now!)

In a year (around June), a season will begin where we will cross over the Jordan. We will begin to enter into the promises that we have been given but have yet to see manifested.

There was just so much. It is one of those messages that I will have to listen to repeatedly to be able to really digest it all. I will post more yummy bits of this message over the next several days.

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