Friday, November 03, 2006

...and the pork chops.

So here's what I did to make my Potato Souped-Up Pork Chops (I gave it a catchier title) earlier in the week last week.

I took some thin, boneless breakfast chops (I believe there were eight of them), dipped each one in extra virgin olive oil, and put them in a pyrex baking dish. I then gave them a sprinkling of sea salt and fresh-ground pepper. Then I took some dried organic garlic seasoning and sprinkled that over them. I wasn't too heavy-handed, but heavy enough (I actually feared at first that I may have put too much garlic on them). I put them in my preheated 325-degree oven.

While they were baking, I whipped out a can of Broccoli and Cheese Potato soup and set it on low heat. It had all kinds of chunks in it, and smelled really good. When the pork chops were done (I just eyeballed them), I took them out and let them cool for just a couple of minutes. The garlic smell was fairly strong. I was still a little afraid that it was too much garlic.

Alas, it wasn't (as tasting them later proved). I plated them alongside some sweet English peas, then spooned the soup over them. I sprinkled some French Fried onions on top for crunch. (That ended up being so tasty, I decided to use them again for my Reverse Shepherd's Pie.)

Again, Barefoot Contessa it's not (I do love her. She's like Martha Stewart's little cousin or something), but that hardly matters. My guys were asking for seconds, as was I. The pork chops didn't taste over-seasoned at all. They were delicious. And my husband actually thought that I had made the soup from scratch. I guess he didn't notice that dinner was ready in just over half an hour.

I love pork chops. The other white meat INDEED.

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