Friday, December 29, 2006

what's new.

Lots of people make New Year's resolutions that they attempt to keep but never do. I never make resolutions. I do make a list of goals at some point during the year. Those goals are things that I hope to accomplish by the end of that year. Then I go back the next year or a couple of years later and see what I was able to accomplish and what I wasn't. I cross off the list things that I did, or saw, or bought, and I'm surprised at what I actually did get done (even if it's only a couple of things...I tend to set pretty lofty goals!).

On the list for this coming year are some familiar goals--save more money than I spend (why is that sooooo hard??), find time to read some of the books in my library, learn to be a better artist, write those books. But there are some new goals too:

  • learn how to disciple my students and not just feed them information
  • do not be afraid to prophesy to a complete stranger
  • make Christmas gifts for my loved ones this year--a recorded CD, calendars, book plates
  • rejoice in watching my boys grow older with no regrets about how fast the time flies
I'm looking forward to crossing things off of this list.

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