Thursday, June 10, 2010

day 272: picnic.

For Day Two of the Creativity Boot Camp, the theme was "Picnic." I had a hard time at first trying to figure out what to do for this theme, seeing as how I wasn't going to have a picnic today. I didn't want to do any photos of food. Or picnic baskets. Or... anything.

Then I thought of the characteristics of a picnic, and what makes picnics so much fun. Many things came to mind. Of course, good food in a basket. But also... sunshine. Family. Games. Ants. Grass. Breezes. Flowers.

And I happened to be in a place where there were some pretty flowers, perched upon some nice green freshly-cut grass. Here is one of the flowers that I spotted. It was indeed part of a lovely spot to have a picnic.

I did not get to any technical reading today. I was up to my slacker-ish ways.

Images: the Explore section on Flickr

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