Sunday, March 07, 2010

day 178.

Today was a stellar day. The couple whose engagement photos I shot absolutely LOVED them, as did their friends and family. They were over the moon. The comments I received about those photos really touched my heart in a way that they don't know. It has made my week, and the week hasn't even begun.

After church we went to an outdoor flea market that's held on the weekends in my neighborhood. Today they had this bungee jump thing, and my four year-old actually wanted to do it! My husband and son and I were all a bit surprised, since he's always been leery of trampolines and such.

We watched him get strapped in and then of course change his mind, but the lady reassured him that it would be fun and did not unstrap him. And then up he went. And after a minute or two, he was into it! I even caught video of him doing it. It looked like a lot of fun, and we were glad he pressed through and saw for himself just how fun and un-scary it was.

Digital Field Guide: page 82

Images: *it's not a cabaret on Flickr

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