Tuesday, March 23, 2010

day 194: a new hope.

No, this post does not have anything to do with Star Wars. Although we are a bunch of Star Wars freaks over at my house.

It's about the fact that I feel a renewed sense of hope welling up in me. There is no concrete reason; I just feel more hopeful than I have in the past couple of months, about several things. This year has gotten off to a very rough start, but I sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. New life is springing up in some dreams and goals that I have, and it is encouraging.

Speaking of new life, there is this plant.

I have a bad track record with plants. I manage to unwittingly kill them despite my best efforts to nourish them. I even manage to kill plants that thrive on neglect. It really is a sad state of affairs.

So when I received this plant as a gift a couple of weeks ago, I looked at it with a sense of melancholy. It's such a pretty plant. It's a real shame that it won't survive long in my care. Those were the thoughts that crossed my mind.

And yet, here it is, still alive. Pretty, even. There is hope yet.

Digital Field Guide: I guess I am spending this week reading stuff from Digital Photography School.

Images: Liz Steketee Photography . I was quite taken with her work. I especially love her "Reconstructed Memories" series.


Dijea said...

You first line made me laugh - I was so expecting someone in a jedi robe. Star Wars was the first thing I thought of.

natty. said...

Haha! I thought that might happen.