Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 191: springly spring.

Ah, the first day of Spring. And what a beautiful first day of Spring it was.

The family and I took a trip down to Stone Mountain, and we had a lot of fun. It was such lovely weather, and I, of course, took lots of pictures.

It seemed like no matter what or how I shot, all of my pictures came out looking like isht. A real shame, since there were so many beautiful dogwood blossoms (I guess they were dogwood?). I shot them anyway, even though I seemed to be shooting with all the skill of a preschooler.

I didn't let frustration get the best of me, but decided that I would wait until I got home and look at the images on my computer. Maybe they would look better on a bigger screen.

I put them through Lightroom, hoping that I would be able to clarify the details and salvage the shots. Ho hum. While I'm still not completely pleased, they did finish a little bit better.

Digital Field Guide: Read an article on Digital Photography School.

Images: FILE Magazine

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Dijea said...

Love this! Excellent shot. Spring is my favorite season.