Sunday, April 24, 2011

project 52, week fifteen.

Well, the good news is I have all photos and videos done to be completely caught up with my Project 52 posts. It's already after eleven though and I am trying to keep from falling asleep here on the couch, so I think I'll do this post tonight and save the other one for tomorrow.

We've been running like maniacs the past couple of weeks. Last weekend my son had a formal, and this weekend he was the lead in a play. He had tech rehearsal for the play every night this week. We're all exhausted.

I did get some nice photos last week (the week leading up to the formal).



My little one, fishing for the first time.

Out in the city.

My iPhonearoid of the week is here,

and my Weekly Vlog is here.

See you tomorrow.

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