Monday, April 18, 2011

project 52, week fourteen.


Sooo, last week came and went, and my Project 52 post did not materialize for you guys.

So, fourteen weeks into this thing, and I'm behind.

I have all of the elements and had them together last Sunday night. I just... didn't... post it.

I've been lacking a little in the motivation department.

Not sure why... it just feels like I've been moving in slow motion since last week. Getting a call from the nursing home about making funeral arrangements (just in case) did NOT help. Ugh.

But, regardless of how I felt, I still hung out with Niki, and we still took pictures.

Yep. Sometimes I fail to help Niki out and what I end up with is crap. And sometimes I just don't even feel like any do-overs.

Ahhh. But my kids. They make every day bright.

And that's saying a lot, on days like these.

And here is the Weekly Vlog.

(I have everything finished for this week's post as well, but will probably post it tomorrow or Wednesday. Bear with me; I'm getting back on track.)

1 comment:

Faith said...

i hope the days brighten soon. thinking of you.

like always, beautiful pictures.