Monday, January 11, 2010

day 123: the going gets rough sometimes.

I am discovering that I have arrived at that point in this 365 Project where it is rather difficult.

Besides just LIFE happening (which has been rather difficult on its own the past couple of weeks) including working with an unreliable internet connection, the task of just shooting something has become more challenging. How many flowers can I shoot? How many shoes? How many signs? How many clouds? How many times can I shoot the SAME building?

And, apparently, how many LIGHTS?

Sigh. I guess it's a form of "shooting block?"

I still try to look at everything with eyes of creativity and possibility. It just seems at the moment like my realm of "everything" is much smaller and full of identical stuff.

It's not gonna stop me from shooting though. I know this feeling will pass.

Digital Field Guide: pages 57-58, Custom settings

Images: I did something that I have not done the whole time I have had my book. I actually looked at the images IN THE BOOK! What a novel idea.


Rina said...

Maybe you should try to take pictures of people around you... Or things that really go on around you... Go on the street walk and look around... There's so much happening... Easy for me to say I am at day 10... Hope I'll get at 139... Anyways good luck ;-)

Dijea said...

You are not alone in the photo block. I live a mile away from the Dallas Arboretum. I FEEL LIKE THAT IS ALL I TAKE. That and the lake that's right next to the Dallas Arboretum.

Sigh~~Inspiration must find me soon.