Thursday, January 21, 2010

day 133: theme thursday.

It's Theme Thursday over on Tasra Dawson's blog, and she wrote a great post today about doing a series to improve one's photography. I know this doesn't exactly count, since I shot these all in the same evening and not over a period of several days, but I thought I would get my feet wet with the idea, so to speak, and see if I could get several good shots today.

I was hoping that some of them would have a more dreamy, memory-like quality to them, while others would come out with a more stark feel.

Looking at some of them put me in the mind of some of my dad's photos from when I was a little girl, when he would take pictures in the city. Here is one of his shots that I posted on this blog years ago in 2006 when I was doing a weekly series called "Nostalgia Tuesday." And here is another one, but at night!

Digital Field Guide: page 69

Images: I browsed through some of Yvette Inufio's images again. I go back to her images a lot.

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