Sunday, January 24, 2010

awesome girls extraordinaire.

Last month, about a week before Christmas, I decided to invite some of my students (all avid, BEASTLY photographers) to accompany me on a photowalk. My students were all over it, and we had amazing fun. These teenage girls are so utterly talented and creative, and I was so glad they were keen on the idea and enjoyed it so much. They already can't wait for me to plan the next one!

I got an insane amount of amazing shots. INSANE. I am going to share a smattering of them here.

Why? Because I realized, after reading Tasra Dawson's fab post today about her own teenage girl photo shoot, that I had not posted ANY of the pictures from the shoot!

Okay. I did post one. It was this railroad sign shot. (Day 96.)

But none of the girls. And that's a shame. Especially considering the fact that one of my iPhonearoid shots of the girls was featured in the CameraBag gallery! I was too stoked about that one. So, please indulge me and take a look at my beautiful girls in all of their creative gifted and talented glory. (Seriously, I love them like they're my own kids.)

First, some iPhonearoids:

This one was featured in the CameraBag gallery!

And now, a sampling of some of my shots with Niki. There were so many good ones!

They're too cool, with their lollipops.

Cuties with candy!

We did a series with lollipops, and a series with shoes.

On and around the square, there were so many awesome places to get some nice shots.

My girls are delightful little gifts-- smart, poised, and ready to take over the world. I can't wait for me to plan the next photowalk either.

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Tasra Dawson said...

Great post and such fun images of these girls. Talk about personality - they are just oozing with energy and joy! So glad you shared them with us.