Friday, January 01, 2010

one little word.

This year, I am deciding to be mindful of one little word for my life, and let it inspire me in all of my creative endeavors and pursuits. Many of the blogs that I read regularly were doing this, and I thought it would be a great idea.


I had decided on that word, literally, at first.

I wanted to remind myself constantly that great things were on the horizon, that life is always great no matter what happens, and that great is the Lord's love and faithfulness. A decent word, sure enough.

But over the last week, a different word has continually flashed across my mind's eye, and I think it is a propos for the circumstances that I currently face. Everything in me wants to go into panic mode and cut and run and do what I need to do to survive, but I cannot do it. I cannot hide or live some sort of pretend existence. I have to face that which wants to destroy me, and conquer it.

At the same time, my dreams will remain just that. Dreams. Unless I put one foot in front of the other and DO the stuff I am hesitant to do, for fear of what other's might think, or rejection, or failure. I can not afford to sit paralyzed because I am afraid to fail. And I am NOT going to be afraid to try. I'm done with such foolishness. And so...

My one little word for 2010 is FEARLESS.

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