Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day 96: on a photowalk.

I went on a photowalk today with two of my current students and two of my former students. I had been wanting to go to Marietta Square and take a lot of photos for a few months, but just now got around to doing it, and thought it would be a good idea to invite my students and see who could come. I decided to make it an "official" group outing and call the group the AGE Club (AGE=Awesome Girls Extraordinaire).

We had such a fun afternoon, and I got some awesome shots of the girls as well as great random shots. We did a number of series: lollipops (Dum Dums to be exact), shoes, a video pose (the video was "Ignorance" by Paramore), my old-school-hanging-with-my-friends-in-eighth-grade-trying-to-be-cool pose (which they LOVED! haha). My thing for signage crept up several times. I also finally got to take photos on railroad tracks!

Digital Field Guide: I spent one last day looking at the last few articles on my Nikon Learn and Explore app.

Images: I went through the shots I took today and began editing them in Lightroom and Picnik. Only halfway done; my girls are waiting for that Facebook album! So I gotta get crackin.'

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