Thursday, December 03, 2009

day 84: the tree.

Taken with my iPhone; processed using CameraBag.

What dreary weather we've been having. Bordering on bitter cold (and by bitter cold, I mean for Atlanta), and there's been talk of snow. I certainly hope, if snow comes, that it waits until Christmas. You know, for the white Christmas thing.

Speaking of white Christmas, we trimmed our adorable little tree tonight. My hubby put up the tree, which is pre-lit, the day before Thanksgiving. That's the earliest we've ever done it! We needed some new ornaments though, because I decided years ago that I would alternate themes every year--all solid color lights and uniform colored ornaments one year, all different colored ornaments and lights the next year. That way, the kids would always be excited and get to have the fun colors-everywhere theme and I would get to have my refined theme. Since this tree (that I bought last year...I've NEVER had a non-green tree before that) is pre-lit the lights aren't colored, but I went crazy buying new ornaments for it! It was actually a treat from a good friend of mine, who took me shopping for all of these ornaments on my birthday. Yay for gifts and surprises!

We cranked up the Pandora Christmas music stations and I watched my three kids trim the tree. They had so much fun doing it, and every now and then I would peek in on them while I was cooking dinner. When they were done, my son gave me a snowflake to hang on the tree and I also put my white dove on top. Squeeee!

This really is the best time of the year.

Digital Field Guide: page 72, Light captured by the sensor

Images: Margaret Bourke-White


Dijea said...

I'm never satisfied with my tree. I've got enough ornaments to do 10 trees, but it never seems to be exactly what I want.

Maybe I need to give in and see what happens instead of trying to make a specific look.

Your tree looks fantastic.

natty. said...

Thank you, Dijea. I definitely recommend going with a different theme every year, which before a few years ago was not something I had ever done. It really frees up your creativity and makes it a lot more fun!