Saturday, December 19, 2009

dec. 19: car ride.

Well, the drive home from Chicago was nice. My husband drove down with us instead of flying, and it made the whole trip so much better.

I can't pinpoint what exactly made the trip spectacular...

We ate some really exciting food--Wendy's and McDonald's. We pulled over to see the sights at several gas stations in different states. We spent the most time in Indiana, due to some accident that left traffic at a complete standstill for about an hour. When we got moving again, we marveled at the corn. And the corn. And the corn. And then, the corn.

I regret that we didn't take more photos of the road trip.

Actually, I think what made the trip awesome was being together and listening to music and playing silly games the whole way. And of course eating in the car is always fun.

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