Sunday, December 06, 2009

dec. 5: night out.

Today's topic is a night out with friends or a loved one that rocked my world.

Another easy one.

Thankfully, just like in the eating out post, I can say that my husband and I have had an awesome year hanging with friends, hanging with family, and hanging with each other. We have immensely enjoyed the fellowship. And there's quite a list of fun times we've had this year! Valentine's Day, all those times we went out in Charlotte, random costume party, fourth of July, the ENTIRE trip to Chicago, the Aquarium, DragonCon, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and yes, I am going to include our "accidental tourist" night in NYC although it is just outside of the time frame (and yes! I still need to post that story and the craptastic photos! I will totally do that this week.). It's all been aMAYzing.

But I must say, the most awesome night out this year for me had to be TONIGHT!

I capped off a week of birthday activity (my birthday was Tuesday the 1st) with a girls' night out, which I did last year as well. The date coincided with a Christmas crafting/cooking get-together that a good friend of mine was having, so it ended up becoming more or less an all day fun-filled festivity! I went over to my friend's house this afternoon and indulged in cookies and brownies and made a couple of ornaments (well, one and a half. I still have to finish the other one. It is labor-intensive.). Then we decided that our husbands should accompany us to the girls' night out, so it would just be a night out. Two hubbys came, including mine, with us girls to the Cheesecake Factory. We had dinner and dessert and just HAMMED it UP! I think our waiter thought we were drunk. He did not want us to leave. I assure you, none of us was drunk. We were just having a grand ole time. And it was superiorly grand. You just had to be there.

I had a Kobe burger.

And Red Velvet Cheesecake.

And way too many laughs.

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fly.amanda said...

Yes! I had an awesome time too!!