Wednesday, December 09, 2009

dec. 9: challenge.

Something that really made me grow this year.

Well, it wasn't until the last part of the year (around the beginning of September) that I felt inspired to start blogging again. I've had this blog since 2006 and did well for a while but then just ran into a wall. So, I stopped. No one was reading it anyway so I knew it really wouldn't be a big deal if I just stopped updating it.

Then in January of this year I randomly wrote something else and someone responded. "Welcome back to blogging," the comment said. I was so appreciative of that little comment! And it made me want to share other things going on in my life.

But I didn't.

I just went back to my day-to-day and fought with the motivation to journal in any kind of way.

Until August. I had been dealing with all of these creativity ideas swirling through my head and was motivated to write about it.

September came, and somehow the "newness" of it all (Autumn feels like a sort of Spring to me, for some strange reason) had me wanting to share everything. Especially photos, since I had taken like a bazillion. Then, somehow, I discovered Tasra Dawson's blog and month-long challenge and I totally jumped in with both feet, inspired to see how much I could grow as a photographer.

The month came and went and by the end, I did not want to stop. I wanted to keep going and keep seeing how much I could grow. I turned it into a 365-day project. I NEVER would have done that had I not seen Tasra's blog.

Today, I am on Day 90, and thinking about taking my photography to a new level. I already have two photo shoots scheduled this week! I'm so excited to start building a real portfolio.

This time last year, my camera was still pretty much brand new. I got it a few days after Thanksgiving. I never thought of doing any of the things that I am doing now. As a result of starting that photography challenge, my attitude has definitely changed to one of, "I can do this." And it's given rise to me having the guts to step up to other challenges, like Art Every Day Month, and this one, the Best of '09 Blog Challenge! The photography challenge opened up so many things for me. So, thank you, Tasra.

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