Tuesday, September 01, 2009

on the eve of september.

It seems like a week ago that the year was starting. It's been a whirlwind! Gah! The year is three months away from being over! Really?

September begins my absolute favorite time of year: Autumn. Don't get me wrong; I love Summer. I love having a break from things, I love having vacation opportunities, I love the fourth of July, and I love swimming pools, cookouts, long days and late sunsets. But. There's something about Autumn. 

Actually, there are several things about Autumn:

1. It's awesome.
2. The weather gets cooler, but not cold.
3. The leaves. They change color. Even though they're dying, they look so full of vibrant life.
4. It's football season in the high schools and colleges.
5. It's awesome.
6. The air. It smells different. There's something in the air. It's crisp and refreshing.
7. A string of holidays is right around the corner, culminating in my favorite--Christmas.
8. The days are still long enough to enjoy.
9. It's awesome.
And ten, it's awesome.

I know Summer's not officially over yet, but in my mind Autumn begins in September. Just the word "September" evokes all of these Fall-ish feelings. Good feelings. Expectant feelings.

And just what am I expecting?

I am expecting to take a few long drives through the north Georgia mountains, going nowhere in particular, and snap some photos along the way.

I am expecting to take my children to an apple orchard and to one or two pumpkin patches. And while I'm thinking about pumpkins...

I am expecting to go to Starbucks and Bruster's and purchase a few pumpkin-flavored delights.

Those are just a few things that I am expecting. There are plenty of other fond memories waiting to be made during this time of year.

For a lot of people, Springtime signifies the start of something new. Autumn has always done that for me. I'm not sure why, but it has. Here I am, wanting to jump into all these new endeavors, just as the year is starting to make its final turn toward the finish line. Odd.

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