Monday, September 14, 2009

photog challenge, day 3: manual focus.

So I tried using the manual focus on my camera for the first time. Yeah. I'll get better. And yet, for some odd reason I am quite taken with this shot. I'm not really sure what it is, but I am really drawn to that light--its shape, its fuzzy-ness, its off-centered-ness. So yeah.

I read throgh pages 6-9 in my Digital Field Guide. I have yet to use the self-timer, but at least I know how to review my pictures! And zoom in/out when reviewing. And now I know what that little key button next to my viewfinder does. Brand new information.

Photography inspiration for me today comes from the Color Me Katie blog. She is so inventive and thoughtful with her photos, and they are full of vibrant color. I would describe it as a "happy" blog, and one feels happy while looking at it!

To find out more about this photography challenge in which I am participating, go here.

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