Wednesday, September 23, 2009

photog challenge, day 6: patterns.

I've discovered that I like taking pictures of mundane things. Really mundane things. I think my goal is to try to make the mundane things look really cool or beautiful. Many times the mundane things look super-cool to me already, and other times they don't but I just keep snapping the camera.

This was one of those pictures. I just snapped and snapped and snapped, then I looked at all of the photos I had, and this one all of a sudden looked cool. It's because of the patterns, I think. I just instantly noticed the pattern on the table, then on the pail, then on my purse, and I thought, cool.

Okay so my writing on this post is really bad. I don't care. Sometimes I communicate quite eloquently. Most of the time, actually, I communicate quite eloquently. Then there are other times when my two favorite words are "like" and "um." This is one of those evenings, except my favorite word today is, apparently, "cool." It's been a long day and my brain's feeling it now. Sigh.

And because my brain is pretty much mush, and because the lens thing is really overwhelming me right now (like, what?), I read the exact same pages in my Digital Field Guide today. And probably will tomorrow. Yep.

Photography inspiration abounds, and that makes me super-happy. Most of the time it gives me this awesome, "Wow how'd they do that I want to do it too and I'm totally gonna" feeling. It really is quite great. Today's quite great photog inspiration comes from LD Photography.

And Tasra Dawson's site is quite inspiring and amazing too, and I'm following her challenge.

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