Monday, September 21, 2009

photog challenge, day 5.

After having my camera for about three months, I discovered angles.

I mean, I discovered, for myself (I know that everyone else in the photography universe already knew this) that pictures are more interesting when taken from different angles. That is one of the small things that I always noticed about other people's photographs but didn't know that THAT was what I was noticing. Angles really do make a difference. So I've been conscious of my angles pretty much always now.

Which leads me to this photo. It is a very simple photo, of a very simple subject: windows. In a church. I just think it came out cool.

In my Digital Field Guide, I read pages 16-24 again, about the lenses and their parts and functions. Yikes there is a lot to learn just about my camera alone, much less the art of photography. Feeling a little overwhelmed...

Not necessarily helping with the overwhelmed feeling, but definitely inspiring nonetheless, are the incredible links I've been finding. Like this one: A Little Sussy.

Here is a link to Tasra Dawson's site which describes this photography challenge.

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