Sunday, September 13, 2009

photog challenge, day 2.

Well, I was away from my computer all afternoon/evening/night. I finally got home around 1-something this morning, and headed straight to bed. So I'm posting what I did have for Day 2 now.

I decided to capture some sunlight, because I think sunlight is perfect. I wanted to do it in a way that would seem...not-the-obvious-choice, I guess? Again, it's me and my attempt at "artsy." I really want to move far beyond the "Say cheese!" mode, and my hope is that soon "artsy" won't be something I describe as merely an "attempt."

Okay. That's a lot of quotation marks. But I digress...

Reading in my Nikon Digital Field Guide: the same pages on shooting modes. Why? Because I forgot the info from the day before. Lame, I know. But perhaps not. That's what one does when one's in school learning a new subject and doing homework studying.

Work of another photographer: this part is really exciting, because I have seen SO MANY! And they are so inspiring and incredibly talented. It's quite a motivator. Anyway, one whose work is the absolute biz-ness is Alicia Bock. So, so pretty.

If you want to know what this challenge is that I am doing, check out Tasra Dawson's site.

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