Tuesday, September 08, 2009

my would be portfolio: the cloud and sky edition, part 2.

I've had a very weird weekend with my camera. For a couple of days it just would not take any pictures. It would focus, but not release the shutter. Really put a damper on my weekend photography plans. I just ended up using my iphone though. The second picture from the top was taken with my iphone months ago. The bottom picture was done with a disposable camera years ago.

I had planned on embarking upon a special photography project this past weekend that would require my accountability for 30 days. I have decided to start this coming weekend, probably Friday. I will share it with you then.


Tasra Dawson said...

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. :-) Hope you're able to figure out your camera this weekend so you can start the challenge!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

These are gorgeous. I love pictures of clouds. They're so peaceful...

And good luck with the camera!