Sunday, September 27, 2009

photog challenge, day 7: iphone fun.

The objective of doing this photography challenge is for me to become a better photographer. My father was a good photographer. He took a few classes at Emory, turned our den into a darkroom, had all of this major equipment and all of these random (to me) chemicals in milk gallon jugs in the hall closet. I remember it all looked like water, but it didn't smell like it!

There were many times when my father would wake me up in the middle of the night and take me into the den and show me what he was doing. It was absolutely FASCINATING, watching those papers go into one of those little hospital pans filled with "water," and, like a Polaroid being shaken, come to life, filled with images. What would start out as unknown and uncertain would turn into something I didn't expect, and it was always beautiful. My daddy would always instruct me to wait for it, because it was indeed coming. So I would wait, because I believed and trusted him.

I am so glad my daddy took me with him everywhere he went to take pictures. I am glad he turned our living room into a studio at times. And I am so grateful for all of those nights we spent in the darkroom, developing pictures. I have such awesome memories of those times. My father instilled his love of music in me, AND his love of photography. So, I'd like to get really good at it, like he did.

He owned a Minolta and a Yashica. I own a Nikon. I think he'd be proud of that. I kind of wish I still had his Yashica, though. It would be a cool vintage item to have on my bookshelf.

The photo above isn't actually a Nikon photo. It's a photo I took of a page out of my journal. I took it and processed it with my iphone. I have been really stressed the past few days, and when I got home I just decided to write this over and over again. When I was done, I felt better. I needed a reminder that things will work out even though they seem uncertain at the moment, because my heavenly Father is right there working them out for me. All he needs from me is to believe and trust him. If I could believe and trust my earthly father, how much more can I believe and trust Him?

I said I would read the same pages that I've been reading the past few days in my Digital Field Guide, and I did! And now, I've got it. I knew it would sink in after a few readings, even amidst all of life's distractions. So, yay.

And yay for photog inspiration! It's so incredible seeing what others can produce. What a huge motivator. Check this out: eve simone photography.

And be sure to check out Tasra Dawson's site.


Daisy said...

I do love this shot! I am a novice photographer myself "Canon" though. It's is neat to watch when we follow are parents passion (hopefully it's

natty. said...

You're absolutely right. I truly am my father's daughter. He was a musician; so am I. He was a singer; so am I. He wrote songs; so do I. He played the guitar; I have been playing for the last year. He loved photography; so do I! I am so grateful for that legacy that he left me.