Thursday, December 31, 2009

day 112: this is new year's eve.

Taken with my iPhone and processed with Format126.

So, this holiday is dank and dreary outside just like Halloween, just like Thanksgiving (if I remember correctly), and pretty much like Christmas. Wet holidays. At least none of them felt like wet blankets. They were all fun.

New Year's is not so much. We're facing a small (or not so small, really) crisis at my home. I confess I have not been doing well with trusting and resting in the Lord this week. I really want to be an overcomer and come out of this stronger. We shall see.

Today I have been reminding myself of the truth of who God is. He is good and He does good. Always. That has helped.

I hope all of you enter this new decade full of hope.

Digital Field Guide: page 37, Adjusting ISO sensitivity

Images: viva la vibs' on Flickr

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