Saturday, December 26, 2009

day 107: one sky, four remixes.

We went to La Madeleine's (one of my favorite places) for my son's birthday dinner, then we went and saw Avatar in 3D. Just in 3D, not in IMAX. But it didn't matter; it was still AMAZING. I said afterwards that it is a game changer, the way The Matrix was a game changer.

On the way to the restaurant, we saw this lovely sky.

I love lovely skies.

The original photo is already dreamy, with all of that pinkish goodness in the clouds, but I love playing around so I put it through a few apps. The top two are CameraBag, the bottom left is MoreLomo (free app) and the bottom right is Photoshop Mobile.

Digital Field Guide: I went back to the section on aperture to review, and I think I'm gonna get crafty tomorrow.

Images: Yvette Inufio on Flickr

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Dijea said...

I like the original photo, but you know me. A purist.