Tuesday, December 01, 2009

a new challenge.

I keep 'em comin', don't I?

In September I decided to do a 30-day photo challenge along with Tasra Dawson and several other amazing photographers. Their work inspired me so much that I decided to turn it into a 365-day project. I've already grown some as a photographer and I am so excited to see the year unfold.

Then in November I decided to bite the bullet and embark on the Art Every Day Month challenge along with Leah Piken Kolidas and several other incredible artists. Just in that short month, I started learning watercolor, and have taken up drawing, along with doing something I hadn't done much in a while: doodling. Now I look forward to continuing with all of it and growing as an artist over the next year.

So, now it's my birthday and the start of a new month, really like the best month of them all! And with all of the festiveness in the air, I am energized. I am celebrating entering another year of my life by entering yet another challenge.

She has posted a journaling prompt/question for each day, and I just have to answer it. That's all. I can do that.

If I can't, no worries. She says one or all of the 31 prompts can be addressed, so if there's one for which I don't really have an answer, I just won't write anything that day.

Or maybe I'll just write something random, like a poem or a song or something, if I get inspired.

I'm looking forward to doing this, and will post the first entry this evening.

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