Monday, December 07, 2009

dec. 7: blog find of the year.

"That gem of a blog you can't believe you didn't know about until this year."

Okay; this was not easy. In fact, it was darn near impossible.

I didn't even know about Gwen Bell until, like, a month ago. And now, here I am reading her blog and I'm like, "Gee Whiz." So, I'm gonna say hers is certainly a gem.

But there are several others. Several. Unearthed just this year. I am not going to list all of them, just...because. You should see my Google Reader.

I will mention just a few of the many gems I have discovered this year, and provide links, because you should see them for yourself if you haven't already.

Style Rookie. Seriously. If I had been this clever or stylish or cool when I was thirteen, my junior high and high school years would have been way less traumatic.

Kind Over Matter. This is just a bunch of loveliness wrapped up in RSS feed.

Ali Edwards. I love paper crafting and scrapbooking, and her projects really make me want to do stuff like that all day. Mega-inspiring.

Notebook Doodles. Because I love photography, and I love doodling, and this sweet little blog is a delightful combination of both.

I'll stop there.

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