Monday, December 14, 2009

day 95: the hydrant.

Apparently, I like this fire hydrant. I see it once a week, and I think I've taken at least two or three photos of it with my iPhone. This time, I used Niki. It came out awesome. Then I edited it different ways in Lightroom and was like, cool. This was one of the edits.

Okay, so I guess I need to start budgeting for Lightroom 3 so that when it comes out I can buy it. Because once this Beta version expires I'm not gonna want to let go.

Digital Field Guide: I actually read some more articles in my Nikon Learn & Explore app on my phone.

Images: Villi.Ingi on Flickr. Very cool.


Dijea said...

I really like this!

Tasra Dawson said...

I didn't even realize it was a fire hydrant at first. Fun shot!

So you really like LR3 better? I hesitated to download the beta because I didn't want to lose existing photos. Guess maybe I should've, huh?

natty. said...

I really like Lightroom 3. It's the first time I've ever used Lightroom at all, so I don't know anything about the other two versions. But if they're anything like this, I now understand completely why it's so popular.