Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dec. 16: tea.

Today's topic is tea: your favorite kind.

I am a Southern girl, so I like tea. Iced tea is like an institution down here.

And when I say iced tea, I don't mean brown water. I mean Sweet Tea.

Chick Fil A's sweet tea is like manna from Heaven. (And yes, it's referred to as "sweet tea" down here now. When I was a little girl and even through my teenage years it was referred to as "iced tea" because it was just a given I guess that it would be sweet. Now, not so much.) Their tea is so good McDonald's almost carbon-copied it. Then again, it's hard to find really bad sweet tea, except at the pizza buffet places. And the Chinese buffet places. And the Mexican restaurants. When I go to those places I just get something else.

...Somehow, I get the feeling that Gwen Bell was not talking about that kind of tea. I'm still putting it out there though.

She's probably talking about hot tea.

I do like hot tea as well. I LOVE a nice cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. I also really like a nice cup of Chai tea. With milk and sugar.

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