Tuesday, December 08, 2009

dec. 8: moment of peace.

Today's topic is: an hour or a day or a week of solitude.

The very cool thing about this year is that at the beginning I had several moments of "solitude." I wasn't actually alone but I was able to just breathe deeply and feel at peace.

Those moments were when I was driving up to Charlotte with my kids every week to be with my husband, who was working on a project up there. It was only a three-hour drive, so that was very easy for me to do (considering I drove non-stop to Albany, New York and back. TWICE!). I would drive up on Wednesday evenings after we were finished with our day.

Once I got gas in the car (a full tank would take me all the way there) and shortly after the kids finished their dinner (usually Zaxby's), the babies would fall asleep. My oldest son would either take a nap too or listen to his iPod and zone out. I, too, would turn on my iPod in the stereo once I was out of my radio station's range, and driving and listening to my music, and of course the anticipation of seeing my sweet hubby and chilling for a few days, made for the most peaceful and relaxing times. I had similar experiences the year before when I was driving weekly to Nashville (for the same reason). There's something about going for a drive that has always relaxed me. I have just always enjoyed it.

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Dijea said...

I often drive from Dallas to San Antonio which is 4.5 to 5 hours. My kids put their headphones on and I do the same. I can zone out, but its definitely relaxing.