Thursday, February 04, 2010

day 147: light.

The bad thing about days like this is the weather.

The good thing about days like this is that even when the weather is poor, opportunities for great pictures abound.

It is Theme Thursday over on Tasra Dawson's blog, and the theme for today is "light." So, yeah.

No sunlight for me today. Because there was none.

No light bulbs or light fixtures either, because let's face it, I've done a few of those already and am thinking I'll just give them a break.

Ironically, I posted a sunlight shot for yesterday's post, so I guess the weather is a day late.

So,... light. Light. Light?

Not really sure what to do, for most of the day.

Then, when I was editing some photos tonight, I put one of them through some of my Holga filters (since I don't actually have a Holga camera, this is the next best thing). One of them produces a "light leak" effect. Now, I know light leaks are undesirable, but to me they can be pretty cool at the right times. Again, it goes back to that "memory" vibe that I want to accomplish sometimes. Memory meaning, I remember sometimes looking at some of my dad's photos that would come back from the Fotomat booth (this was before he turned our den into a darkroom) and some of them would be "ruined," or they would have those light leak spots around their edges. The picture itself was still visible though.

I even remember later on in the 80's, when I would occasionally get light leaks on some of my polaroid pictures. It wasn't always a terrible thing.

So, yeah. That effect invokes pleasant memories. The photo looks like a dusty memory from way back when. A throwback even, if you will.

Aaand the phrase "light leak" has the word "light" in it. So there.

Digital Field Guide: page 74

Images: Kentucky photographer Shelby Lee Adams

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Tasra Dawson said...

Fun light shot for today!