Friday, February 12, 2010

day 154: i'll get it. soon.

No, this is not one of those days where I felt uninspired and didn't know what to shoot.

This is another attempt to find those things that are nondescript and forgettable and try to present them as... art.

I am no good at this. Yet. But I have a hunger to get this right. To make the non-compelling compelling.

Digital Field Guide: read an article on my Nikon School app.

Images: I am trying to get packed up to move (I emphasize the word TRYING) and found some old photos today, from when my middle son (four years old) was just a baby, around a year old. Adorable.


Dijea said...

I really like this. You are uninspired, yet your lack of inspiration inspired me.

Get that?

I think its great.

natty. said...

Awesome! Thanks, Dijea.