Friday, February 26, 2010

day 169.

Why it hadn't occurred to me before now to take my camera with me into the grocery store, I really can't say. Now, all I can say is, durr.

Digital Field Guide: page 78

Images: On the recommendation of a tweet, I checked out Joey Lawrence's blog, and I am so glad I did. Oh. My. Gawsh. His photos are stunning. His "Nikon Girl" video is pretty funny too. Aaaand he's only twenty years old, and apparently one of the youngest photographers ever to be teaching at this big-time conference in Dubai. Maybe the rest of us should just stop.


Dijea said...

Cool shot! Did anyone see you? My dad used to work for a grocery store & he used to go into other grocery stores and snap pictures when no one was looking - most of the time, he didn't get caught.

natty. said...

No one saw son was with me. I took others though when people were around.