Monday, February 01, 2010

still fearless.

After reading Ali Edwards' post today about reflecting on her one little word every month, I decided to do the same thing. It is February first, and I am going to review the things I did the past month to kick fear in the teeth.

I started a Facebook Fan Page for my business.

I added a listing to Google. (It will be a few more weeks before it shows up.)

I approached two friends about being business mentors, and started getting advice from them.

I ordered business cards.

I made the concrete decision to expand my business in a particular way, and started working toward that expansion.

This may not seem like much, but to me, it's gigantic. All of it. Thinking of all of this stuff in my head and keeping it there keeps it safe. I stay safe. I don't have to worry about falling flat on my face and failing royally at this whole thing, because it's all in my head! I didn't actually do anything.

Now that it's all in the open, and I've done things I cannot go and undo, I am stuck with it. And I am going to see it through no matter what. That is what being fearless means for me. It means pushing aside all of those stray thoughts that want to give me reasons A-Z why I am not good enough or cannot do this. I choose to stay positive and always do the thing that I would normally fear, every day. If I do that, the possibilities are endless, I think.

In her post, Ali gives the encouragement to do three things during the month of February: learn/read about one's word, create the word by photographing its letters, and writing a letter to one's self about where one hopes to be in one year and what role that one little word will play in 2010. I'll have to remember to do those things this month.


fly.amanda said...

Right ON!

credd said...

good for you! i did something similar for 2010.

a friend and i made a list for 2010 in google wave...and we both have access to it. it's out there. we're owning it!