Tuesday, July 06, 2010

day 299: la vida.

La vida es buena.

Aunque circunstancias ocurran que no expectamos ni queremos ni entendemos.

Aunque haya tanta llueve y tantos tormentos.

Aunque a veces parezca como no haya esperanza, no modo posible en que podamos sucedir.

Aún en esos momentos, la vida sigue siendo muy buena. Porque El Señor siempre es bueno, y nos da la vida.

Life is good.

Even with its pitfalls and its unexpected, unwanted curveball circumstances.

Even when it's raining and pouring and storming.

Even when there seems to be no hope, no silver lining, no possible way of a happy ending.

Even in those times, life is still so good. Because the Lord is always good, and He is the giver of life.

(Disclaimer: It's been a while since I've had to sit down and really study my grammar, so my apologies if the Spanish grammar is wrong. I've been meaning to brush up. Speaking it colloquially all the time inevitably leads to forming bad grammatical habits.)

Digital Field Guide: page 103

Images: Flourella on Flickr

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