Sunday, July 25, 2010

day 318.

There are some things that I really love about the advent of August.

I get to shop for school supplies.

I get to plan for the new school year. I'm so excited about this. I have an eighth grader and a Kindergartener this year. (Ladybug will do some "preschool-ish" stuff.)

And that's... pretty much it.

The stuff I love is overshadowed right now by the stuff that I hate about the advent of August.

These lesson plans for my school year at Master's Academy. I love teaching there, but I don't love writing these lesson plans. (To clarify: I like coming up with ideas of things to do with my students. It's just the writing of all of these documents and following all of these "formats" and including all of this other seemingly superfluous (at times) stuff that I could do without. And I'm not alone in this.)


I love the first day of school. But orientation leaves a lot to be desired for me. I think it's because I have to do a bunch of extra "planning" just for that one evening too! It's exhausting!

And it's orientation at not just one school. Two schools.

So I have to do extra planning for two different schools. And since I'm not teaching the same subjects at both schools, that means EXTRA planning, because I have to do something different at each one.

Sooooo,... I guess I just had to vent.

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

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