Friday, July 16, 2010

day 309.

The great thing about driving around (which I have to do a lot) is the plethora of signs that one sees. Some signs are more interesting than others, and sometimes, it's the ones that seem less interesting at first that catch my eye almost instantly. I'm thinking it's because of what's around (or isn't around) them.

Take this sign, for instance. Nothing exciting about the font. Old, fairly ugly building. Nondescript street. But, I'm drawn to it. I think it's because of the negative space above it. The closed-in, concrete ugliness gives way to open, beautiful expanse of sky. And that beautiful expanse seems to make what's under it more attractive.

Digital Field Guide: read a couple of pages in Niki's manual.

Images: one of my iPhoneography groups on Flickr

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