Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I've decided to start a new thing on this blog, called "Found."

I'll highlight a blog that I've found and include the link, and you can click on it and go somewhere pretty cool, which is that person's blog.

I don't have much time at the moment to start a comprehensive list or blogroll, so I'll do it like this, posting the person's link here and then adding it to a blogroll list one at a time. That way I can actually get a list done!

Through posting these links, you can catch a glimpse into the different interests that I have, or the ideas that I find thought-provoking, or just the stuff that I think is cool.

The first link, I guess, was posted a couple months ago, when I posted a link to my associate pastor's blog, Kingdom Power on the Street. That blog is already on the sidebar. So,...

The first link to begin the new blogroll list is...Meaghan's blog!

Meaghan, I really enjoy reading your posts. You're a booklover like me, you're a Calvin and Hobbes lover like me, and you're a mom like me. I could list several other "like me's" but you get the point!

Meaghan's Daily Ponderings

1 comment:

Maeghan said...

Wow, natty. I am so honoured, thanks!

It was morning for me when I read your comment that I am ultra-cool which made my day. And now it is almost the close of a working day here when I found out that I "got the point" :) :) :) What a great day!!

BTW you are already in my "bloglist" :)

God bless!