Monday, October 23, 2006


Yesterday was fruity!

I know, I know. What does that mean?

The actual word should be 'fruitful,' but I want to convey the thought of being able to actually smell and taste the fruit. Big fruit. Wonderful fruit. It was so exciting.

Let me back up to Friday.

I went to a football game with several others Friday night. A large group of us split up into three (or four, not sure which) smaller groups and each group went to a different game. This was my first football game outreach, and I was a little nervous. But I kept asking the Lord to show me His heart for these kids.

We got a couple of words for people, and prayed for some people. After talking to this one kid, three cheerleaders came up to me later and said, "We just want you to know that we think it was cool what you did back there." I asked them if they knew the guy that we had been talking to and they said yes. So I ended up getting some stuff for them too and they gave me their undivided attention. I felt like a revival would break out right there starting with them, but another cheerleader came and tugged on one of them, beckoning for all of them to go back to the stands. I was a little disappointed, but at least I got to minister to them for a moment.

It was cool. Saturday hubby and I chilled. We both needed rest. Then Sunday we went out on outreach after church again. On Sundays we go to different neighborhoods, mostly trailer parks. We are concentrating on the Latino community. Anyway, my husband and I went with another guy from our church to one neighborhood. We got to pray for one guy's wife, another guy who I really felt was being overrun by depression, and a sweet old lady who had lost two sons to premature death.

After leaving the sweet old lady's house, my husband said, "The next person we talk to is going to give their life to the Lord." So we stopped at the next trailer. A young guy answered the door. He was from Michoacan, in Mexico. (I've been there. It's pretty.) He basically spoke no English. Since I was the only one out of the three of us who could speak Spanish, they just let me do all of the talking. I didn't have to translate for them. I asked the guy if he knew Jesus and he said 'no.' I wasn't expecting that for some reason, so I continued, and ended up leading him to the Lord.

He gave his life to the Lord!

I prophesied to him, gave him a Spanish New Testament, and that was it. We went on our way. We continued to pray for him after we left, that the Holy Spirit would overshadow him and ignite a hunger in his heart for all that the Lord has for him.

Now, I've prayed for lots of people. I've laid hands on people and seen them healed. That's exciting. I've also prophesied to people and watched in amazement when they tell me that what I've said is spot on. That's exciting too.

This is the first person I've ever led to the Lord.

There's no feeling like it. It was fruity.

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