Tuesday, October 17, 2006

friday night lights.

My husband and son went to a high school football game Friday night. It was one of the weekly outreaches that we do at our church. Here's what happened...

Bobby ministered to several kids, even getting one kid's name. He actually thought it was the kid's brother's name. He said, "Your brother's name is Tyler, right?"

The kid said, "No, MY name is Tyler! How did you know that??" That opened the door for my nine year-old son to share the Gospel with him. After that, several other kids were lined up at my son, saying "Do me!" or "Me next!" or "Pray for me!"

They were all around my husband too. One kid had a broken rib sticking out of his shirt. My husband laid hands on him and prayed for him, and his rib went back in!

My guys, needless to say, are hooked. This Friday is MY turn at a football game! Hubby stays home with the baby.


Maeghan said...

what does your husband do? It is so wonderful to be able to minister to the kids.
God bless your work in His kingdom.

natty. said...

He installs central-vac systems and fireplaces, but that's just his job. Ministering and preaching the gospel is his passion.

Maeghan said...

God bless him! to have such a great passion for the work of the kingdom. I am humbled.