Sunday, October 29, 2006

too tired.

Not a whole lot to report this week. Baby had a teething spell starting Wednesday--the fever, runny nose, CONSTANT crying, and that consumed just about all of my attention and energy. Now here it is the end of the weekend, and I am exhausted.

No football game Friday either. It was the boys' turn to go, and there was an excursion to North Carolina planned. Everyone was going to meet up with a group up there that's learning to do outreaches the way we do them. Well, the weather SUCKED Friday, and not just here, but there too! It rained and rained and rained. And rained.

And rained.

Unfortunately, I had to take my two boys out in it that afternoon. That was a major drag, considering baby boy wasn't feeling well. I love rainy days, but only when I'm cozied up at home. Thank God it was just Friday. Saturday was completely clear and beautiful, and today was even more so. It got up to the 70's.

On a brighter note, I hit several home runs in the kitchen this week. I've always been a decent cook, but this week I tried a brand new recipe and made up two of my own. Luckily I've had zero disasters in the experimenting department in my adult life. That's quite an accomplishment. The last mistake I remember was when I was twelve or thirteen and I put flour in the cornbread recipe.

Anyway, on Tuesday I made Potato-Souped Pork Chops. Friday I made Pasta Carbonara. Saturday I made Reverse Shepherd's Pie. I'll share the recipes for the chops and the pie later...I made them up and they're super easy. Which brings me to my next found blog, which I'll post later as well (getting tired of typing). I'm thinking food blog, and wow there are quite a few awesome ones out there...


Christina said...

I don't think I ever thanked you for the nice comment you left on my site. I hope you keep up the photography and drawing, it is so much fun and so personally enriching!

Maeghan said...

=D this first time I heard of a Reverse Shepherd's Pie. Do post the recipe.

And I successfully made lasagna for the first time, my first try some time ago didn't work out - only because I decided not to follow the recipe to the letter!! lol

I did have a recipe blog but discontinued it because there is just not enough time to upkeep 3 blogs!!! So now it is down to just 2. Looking fwd to yours!